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SPC and VEGEMITE, two iconic Australian brands which have been intertwined within our lives for years through breakfast, lunch and tea.

SPC and VEGEMITE have partnered to inject some fun and give Aussies a reason to fall in love with baked beans all over again with, the Ultimate Aussie Mashup. SPC Baked Beans & VEGEMITE, possibly the most Australian canned product out there!

The Ultimate Aussie Mashup!

The two iconic Aussie brands have gone a step further taking the music world by surprise with the release of an unexpected house music banger, The Ultimate Aussie Mashup.

A fusion of SPC’s “Hungry Little Human Beans” and VEGEMITE’s “Happy Little Vegemites” jingles, the brands collaborated with well-known Melbourne DJ and Music Producer, Andy Murphy, to create the original track.

Check out the banger for yourself now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Amazon Music.


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